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  • stable parliamentary democracy
  • NATO member
  • EU candidacy targeted
  • pro-business (flat corporate tax rate 20%)
  • growing economy

Albania is a Mediterranean country with unique geographical and geological features. The country is located on the Adriatic and Ionian seas, 82 kilometres across the Strait of Otranto from Italy. On its southern border lies Greece. While a Mediterranean country, Albania is unique with a variety of landscapes including fine sandy and pebble beaches along the picturesque coast, mountains in the north (the Albanian Alps) and inland lakes and rivers. The 450km of gorgeous coastline is one of the country's great assets and is the main attraction for a rapidly growing tourist sector. The climate of Albania is very agreeable with generally mild winters and dry summers.

Albania is a stable Parliamentary Democracy with a democratically elected government. The Prime Minister is the head of government in a pluriform multi-party system. Albania is targeting candidacy for admittance to the European Union (EU). The government has adopted EU integration as the strategic goal of the country and on April 13th, 2007 signed a bilateral agreement with the EU which included eased visa facilitations for Albanian citizens. Albania is making great strides towards EU admittance and has been a strong ally of Western Europe. A new mining law was passed in 1994 designed to attract foreign investment. The progressive investment climate is attracting much new foreign investment across many fields into the country.

Albania is 28,748 square kilometers (11,100 square miles) in size with a population of approximately 3.6 million people. Most of the country's population lives on the coastal plain and in the southern central lowlands. The population of Tirana, the capital city, is approximately 800,000. Tirana is a vibrant European city with plenty of history, culture, entertainment, nightlife and action. More and more tourists and international business people are coming to Albania every month as evidenced by the hotels that are being built all over the city and in cities in other parts of the country such as Vlora, Korca, Saranda, And Durres.

Access to Albania from major European capitals is direct with several airlines flying daily into "Mother Teresa International Airport", located approximately 25 km northwest of the nation's capital. Albania can also be easily accessed by sea with daily connections with the Greek Island of Corfu as well as regular ferry service with major Italian ports.New highways are under construction to facilitate better road access with the rest of Europe.

At one time, Albania was the world's only official "atheist" country but today, there are a multitude of religions actively practiced in the country. Albanians take great pride in the fact that the country practices great religious tolerance, with diversity of beliefs and opinions accepted throughout the country.

"Ninety-four percent of Albanians support integration into NATO and the EU, so that's the primary goal of this government." (Albanian Government Spokesman, Grid Roy, Albania, June 2007)

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