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Tirex Resources was initially attracted to the Mirdita District due to its high grade, base metal VMS mineralization (copper and zinc). However, successful assays from every area of the district tested to date have reported excellent gold and silver values. The high gold and silver values at Mirdita have exceeded expectations and have firmly established the Mirdita District as a potential new source of world gold supply.

The question arises, "Mirdita is a large historical mining district, why has nobody known about the gold and silver prior to Tirex's exploration program"?

The answer is simple. Under previous state-run exploration in Albania, gold values were guarded as a state-secret. Silver was never assayed for. Therefore, when Tirex received the first gold and silver assays from the 2008 program (see News Release dated March 3, 2008), investors received a very pleasant surprise. That particular hole (MR08-01) contained 65m core length of 2.7 g/t Gold and 48.4 g/t Silver including 3.7m of 8.3 g/t Gold with 118.6 g/t Silver, including 14.1 m of 5.5 g/t Gold and 141.6 g/t Silver including 2.3m of 14.6 g/t Gold and 376.1 g/t Silver. And these high grade gold and silver numbers were in addition to excellent base metal values found! (see NR 7-1008 posted on the website for full details).

Remember, Tirex is conducting the FIRST EVER large scale and modern mineral exploration in Albania's history. The excellent gold and silver assays to date have been a great surprise and we expect more potential surprises as a result of using modern technology, equipment and geological interpretation in this large 344sq km District!

Since releasing assays from the hole noted above, Tirex has gone on to drill very good gold and silver holes in multiple areas of the property. In 2009, the Tirex technical team will continue following up on the excellent gold and silver assay results achieved to date and will also search for new areas of gold-rich mineralization on the property. Stay tuned.

  • for thousands of years, gold has been a store of wealth, a commodity, an investment and a global currency
  • during recent decades, gold has often been overlooked as an important component to investment portfolios
  • with instability in world currency and financial markets, gold's prominence may again increase
  • Tirex, through its Mirdita VMS District, is poised to benefit from more world attention on gold
  • Tirex BELIEVES in GOLD and if you are a believer in GOLD, we encourage you to learn more about our company
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